With the window hiding the coming dawn, light doggie steps wake me up early in the morning. I open my eyes and see the smiling muzzles of my dogs. Every day, impatient but happy and with their tails wagging they demand attention. Time to get up and face the doggie euphoria. After a while we set off for the morning walk, together we greet each new day, as we have been doing for years.

Our adventure with Samoyeds began, as it usually happens, from a remarkable puppy which changed our life. With it, we learned the ups and downs of living with Samoyeds. We took our first steps in show rings, conquering, with time, other european countries and winning our first Championships. With whom we took our first steps in dog sled racing, proving that Samoyeds are not only beautiful companions but above all impressive working dogs. It was he who showed us what is true human-canine friendship and what is unconditional love, what is concern for a dog, that is not only just a companion but a family member. It is thanks to him we shed our first emotional tears in special, mutual moments and tears of joy from our shared successes. Sometimes big, like successes in dog shows or the completion of a difficult route during competitions. Sometimes small like the first time a paw was given on command. It is thanks to him that we understood that life without Samoyeds is not for us. It was only a matter of time before we got more household members. Together we go through life, enjoying every second of it and reaching for what is most important in a human-dog life - simple, everyday happiness.





What is the measure of a quality of a breeder? The number of Champions bred or happy owners that have by their side a chosen, wonderful and happy companion for years to come? Or maybe tradition and continuous drive to breed an exemplary Samoyed in respect for psyche and exterior. We can proudly boast that we achieved all of those!
01The Glow Of The Snowy Star small scale purebreed dog breeder was established in Spring 2003 by Mirka and Jacek Nowak who bought their first purebreed dogs - including Samoyed Justi Jarpen - the daughter of the subsequent Veteran World Winner (WDS 2006) which began their years-long love for the Samoyed breed. Justi stole their hearts, and her breed captivated the family so much so that soon after two new household members appeared - sisters Aria and Aranda from an old polish breeder “Z Łańcuta”. Females that participated plenty of times in integration activities in schools, kindergartens and cultural centers. They possessed incredible amounts of patience and were loved by children. Aranda took part in dog sled racing and was also one of the first participants in the “Puchar Samoyeda” (Samoyed Cup) together with Karina Borkowska,  who later seized second place in the Polish Junior Championship.
01.16.2006 we welcomed our first Samoyed male, imported from Sweden’s Dragviken's HANNIBALL OF SAMSON, called Honey at home. He turned out to be an impressive stud dog, passing down his best traits. It was on him that we built the foundations of our breeding and his blood flows through the majority of our Samoyeds. Justi, Aria and Aranda as well as Hannibal, founder Samoyeds of The Glow Of The Snowy Star kennel. They left behind plenty of valuable, to Polish cynology, offsprings. Their children and grandchildren are champions of many countries.
Dogs are members of our family for whom we’ve spent our lives. That is why we house both young breeding dogs, dogs not used for breeding as well as many veterans which can count on a calm doggie retirement by our side. The owners of the kennel are two unrelated people, which is why the kennel is housed in two different places - Mirka lives in Tur near Bydgoszcz while Paulina lives in Łaszewo near Brodnica, both surrounded by Samoyed’s. Thanks to this, our kennel can keep its high quality as we can spend the maximum amount of time and involvement. Dogs in our kennel have to their disposal huge enclosures - fields, meadows thanks to which they can spend their time running and playing in fresh air.
Thanks to Samoyeds born with our nickname, we can continue our established breeding programme based on the gathered genetic potential, carrying the blood of our founder dogs and imports - carefully selected Samoyeds carrying the best genes from all over the world.


We bet on exterior, health and versatility.

02We use mostly verified associations and mixes of genes. We work primarily on the next generations born in our kennel - generations that we know best, gaining increasingly more perfect exteriors, health and characters of further Samoyed generations with our nicknames. For mating we use dogs bred by us, our imports enriching the gene pool and outstanding members of breeds living beyond Polish borders. Foreign matings of impressive stud dogs valuable for the breed are not alien to us.  All our dogs, before use in our kennel, are tested for dysplasia of hips and genetic eye disease. 
We try to choose puppies based on the expectations of their future owner however the last decision always belongs to the prospective puppy owner.  
Dogs from our kennel live and gain show successes in Europe, North America, South America and Asia, practice sports and participate in dog sled racing (also with success!) and take part in therapy work. 
For our puppies we search above all for loving homes. Families that are ready to spend many years of their lives with a smiling Samoyed by their side. Show career is a decision for the owners - they are under no obligation to take part in shows with dogs from our kennel!

For many years we have been cooperating with the Polish Cynotherapy Association (Polskie Towarzystwo Kynoterapeutyczne). In our kennel exists an option to test puppy aptitude for cynotherapy by an experienced, and importantly, duly authorized Cynotherapist.

03Puppies are home raised with full contact with us and the rest of our doggie herd.
They are subjected to “early neurological stimulation”.
In our raising we also use the rule of “Golden 12”.

Both methods ease our puppies into adult life when they will move in with their new families.

Each puppy leaving our home will always be our “child” and we are always at the disposal to the owners of our dogs, 24/7.








Enthusiasts who for years have been proving that intergenerational friendship is possible and that the combination of life experience and humility with youthful spirit and fresh outlook can do wonders. For years our successes have been resulting from teamwork, mutual understanding, support, respect and experience.

Kennel owners are:

Mirosława Nowak - the founder, huge Samoyed enthusiast, licensed dog trainer. Breed advocate - participant of many sled dog exhibitions, dog integration activities with children in schools, kindergartens and culture centers. Active member of the Polish Kennel Club - Chojnice branch and the Sfora Nakielska Sled Dog Friends Society. Awarded with the Bronze Honorary Polish Kennel Club Badge for her merits. She easily finds herself in everyday care for not only Samoyeds but also other animals living in the kennel. Her everyday life with Samoyeds is described on her blog Samoyed and Me (Samoyed i Ja).


 mirka3    mirka4    mirka1 


Paulina Schoenwald (Adamska) - by education she is a veterinarian technician, with a passion for cynology. She finished numerous courses and training in the field of cynology - among others - Polish Kennel Club Assistant course, Veterinary Assistant, Dog Behaviorist - all certified. Active member of the Polish Kennel Club. Awarded with the Bronze Honorary Polish Kennel Club Badge for her merits. From 2015 - a member of the Main Polish Kennel Club Training Committee. Founder and owner of the web based Samoyed breed knowledge portal -, author of many Samoyed articles. Initiator of the free exhibition SOS Handling support. Great fan of dog shows - in the kennel she engages in the preparation and handling of our Samoyeds.

paulina1 psmufka paulina4



...but our passion would not be possible if not for the involvement of our relatives, who are as much “doggified” as us!

Jacek Nowak - Mirka’s husband, beyond the kennel he also found his passion in the dog sled racing and activities for the benefit of cynology. In 2011 he was awarded with the Bronze Honorary Polish Kennel Club Badge for his merits, in 2016 with the Silver Honorary Badge and in 2019 with the highest Golden Badge for continued activities. It is a very unique distinction awarded to few cynologists. Licensed cynotherapist of the Polish Cynotherapy Association. He actively works in his branch in Chojnice as a member of the Branch Board and the Head of the V Division of the FCI Group. He was also distinguished with the role of a Dog Sledding Subcommittee Chairman of the Main Committee for Dog Training (earlier he also performed as a Deputy Chairman and as a Subcommittee Secretary). For years he has been performing as a “Sfora Nakielska” Sled Dog Friends Society Chairman as well as organizing dog sled competitions.


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Patryk Schoenwald - Paulina's husband. By education M.Sc. engineer, zootechnician, pedagogue. Licensed Polish Cynotherapy Association cynotherapist with experience in dog therapy. His CV also notes his adventure as a veterinary faculty lecturer. Day to day he is a veterinary inspector. Animal nutrition specialist. As a running enthusiast he possess affection for dog sled sports, specifically canicross. Dog sled racing participant, particularly in canicross, with initial achievements. Our Samoyed trainer.


patryk1  patryk2  patryk3

Kamila Adamska - education in progress :). The youngest member of our Snowy Star team, however that does not mean that she is also the least important. Our Samoyed trainer, dog sled fan - licensed Musher of the Polish Association of Dog-Sled Sports in canicross discipline and sledding. Stubbornly claims that it is no problem to win with the fastest breeds so she puts up with Samoyeds, trying to squeeze the most of them. Sometimes with success. Active member of the Polish Kennel Club, performs the function of the Dog Sledding Committee Secretary of the Main Committee for Dog Training.


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We hope you enjoy your visit!

* The Glow Of The Snowy Star Team *